Shure KSM32


Shure KSM32 - Charcoal Gray 

Large-diaphragm Cardioid Condenser Microphone with 15dB pad, Bass Roll-off, and Carrying Pouch - Charcoal Gray

When you need perfection, the KSM32 delivers! Offering natural, clear sound reproduction and flexible operation, the KSM32 is one of the preeminent side-entry microphones in the world. This cardioid condenser microphone features Class A transformerless preamp circuitry, an ultra low mass 2.2 micron diaphragm for excellent transient response, and very low self-noise. The KSM32 works sonic magic on acoustic instruments, wind instruments, and vocals, giving them a vibrant, arresting tone that you can't take your ears off of. But perhaps the best quality of the KSM32 is its remarkable way of capturing those ephemeral, indefinable elements that can go into making a great recording, things like "atmosphere" and "ambience." Such a quality microphone comes with a high price, but when you listen to the results, you'll know it was worth it! 

Shure KSM32 At-a-Glance:

  • Versatile Studio Mic
  • Built-in Pad and Roll-off Filter
  • For Studio or Stage

Versatile Studio Mic
The KSM32's frequency response with presence peaks at 7kHz and 10kHz makes it ideal for vocals, but the high SLP handling opens it up to use for a number of louder sources as well. Engage the 15dB pad and park the KSM32 in front of a guitar cabinet or over a drum kit with no fear of distortion. Anywhere you need to make sure that every detail of the sound is accurately captured, the KSM32 should be near the top your list.

Built-in Pad and Roll-off Filter
With the built-in pad and roll-off, the KSM32 can be tailored for use in loud applications or engage the roll-off filter to minimize proximity effect and place the mic up close on the sound source. A built-in 3-stage pop filter virtually eliminates the need for an external pop shield, and the internal shockmount greatly reduces handling noise. 

For Studio or Stage
Equipped with a cardioid polar pattern (along with the aforementioned internal shockmount) the KSM32 can function equally well on stage as it does in the studio. The cardioid pattern helps isolate the KSM32 from other sound sources on stage. And the pop filter allows a singer to use it on stage for superb sound on vocals without pops.

Shure KSM32 Features:

  • Cardioid, Permanently Biased (Electret) Condenser
  • Class A Tranformerless Preamplifier Circuitry
  • Built-in three stage pop filter
  • Attenuation switch: 15dB pad
  • Three position bass roll off switch: Flat, 6dB per octave below 115 Hz, and 18dB per octave below 80 Hz.
  • Low self-noise, 13dB typical, A weight
  • Dynamic range: 126dB
  • Maximum SPL: 154dB with pad 
  • Frequency Response: 20 Hz to 20 KHz, slight presence peak at 7KHz another peak at 10 KHz
  • Excellent low frequency response 
  • High output level
  • Internal shock mount reduces transmission of handling noise
  • Charcoal Gray finish
  • Includes carrying pouch
  • Requires +48V phantom power

Shure KSM32 - Versatile Mic for Stage or Studio with Superb Sound!


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